Friday, February 26, 2010


February 15, 2010
me, kelli, rach, billy, logan, ____,jud, joe, paul, corey
quotes from the whole night..
quite funny
to many drinks.
amazing food.
good times.

Then there was Baton Rouge last fri & sat
and this is how that went
Kelli, Rach, & Me.
(with everyone above included)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

r a g e

he's literally the biggest asshole i've ever met in my life.
honestly i have never deleted someone out of my phone.. because thats stupid.. but i did it for with him
i couldnt take it.
i had to be active with my emotions and now i want to be active on his face/car/anything i can get my hands on
he's a fucking prick and he has a vagina- there's no way he can possess a dick..
unless it's tucked behind his nasty ass somewhere that i can

haha you are raging!!


i cut my hair yesterday.
but im still a gypsy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

taylor briggs and i (birthday talk)

Comment from me to Taylor Briggs.

to all of you who know not much about me
and this picture is 2 years old.
i posted it because i was going through my blonde hair days and i saw this
and had a flashback of when times were different.
i have my rights
and this is a decent snap shop that i had fun editing.
also- goodness i look like im going to suck his face in hah


i think im going blonde tomorrow...
a little lighter though.

ps: i miss sabra loryn!

Monday, February 22, 2010


a lot happened the night before last + last night...
a lot.

today: i come home to a gift from my mom on my bed...
it was none other than a wedding ring pillow holder in all white
is there some arranged wedding i should know about. haha

they are done.
new music on my ipod.. like 700+ songs.
black rebel motorcycle club has been added to my top 10.
today i bought two dresses
both over 50.00$ in the beginning
but in the end i bought them both for a whopping 7.43$ SCORE
i am so good at what i do.
the outfit can be worn together or apart. meaning i have 4 different outfits out of these two babies
ones a little witchy and the other is retro glam.
pictures.. tomorrow..promise

currently listing to Radiohead (paranoid Android) OK Computer.

Work tomorrow - - - 3-10 - - - good thing my mom mad taco rolls for dinner meaning.. badass lunch break tomorrow. although im not looking forward to unload a truck.. i hate tues & fri.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

baton rouge

Random trip to Baton Rouge right when i got off of work yesterday.
it's been lovely.
participants in this trip include: Me, Rach, Kelli, Sarah, Jud, Joe, Logan, Blake.
i also ran into Jeremiah Johnson which totally made my night.
the show was great.
i had to sneck in the back because i had left my wallet back in Lc and they wouldn't let me in even though i was on the guest list without an ID we were highly pissed i had an anxiety attack and then i grew a pair and went in through the back.

last night was unexpected/unpredictable/unexplainable
you had to have been here.

found,aladdin,phone call,vibrate,mom,laughter

i think the best part of the trip was finding this little beauty:
details below.

The Voyager Coat.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


sometimes she feels her world spinning and spinning
and others a complete stand still
eyes opened wide, looking at the heavens, time passes
she dreams about the day when she will meet her constant
her complete other..
call him hers and be done with the pain and waiting
be done with all of the things that break her

the one who will mend her broken heart
wipe away her tears and kiss her cheek
the one that tells her goodnight
the one she wakes up to

this life is so short
and there are times we feel like we wish it would be over with
times when we would do anything to stop it
end it

i say one word to her
never think i'm to far away
never give up on what you want
never say never
and never let someone get you down enough to think you cant handle it.

(God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it)

never forget that.

Friday, February 19, 2010

tear your insides out.

february 19, 2010
i worked i got paid.
it was slim.
i felt like an idiot.
but they called me Pocohontins.
(if the shoe fits.)

b r o w s e this site:
courtesy of Steven Krsyko

† † †
consider going on itunes and purchasing black rebel motorcycle club.
every album.
they play at sxsw this year. i wonder if i'm going again.
fingers crossed.
and BTW if anyone wants to purchase my bonnaroo ticket/armband now that would be HIGHLY amazing.
(meaning BUY ME ONE: just incase that sounded like i was selling one, cough alison johnson cough)
damn i wish i had one extra to sell..
thank you
i mean that's just me... but go ahead. i dare you.

† † †

miss daysha, feel better PLEASE
i need you to not be ill.
i know you can't really help it but it's bringing me down
get well
that is all.

oh she's going to kill me.

the more and more time passes i keep thinking about my name
(c o u r t n e y)
so childish- adorable of course and i love it,
but as time goes by Mrs/Miss/Ms Courtney sounds so...
i've been thinking and the thing is:
fact: my mother goes by Dawn -- downfall
fact: my mothers true name is Anita -- I love that.
anyway, it really can't be done without you.
it's not like im going to say my names Dawn when everyones still calling me Courtney.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


taking a shower on pain killers and muscle relaxers is harder than you think.
ready to get myself dressed and go into town- did i mention i am starving.
between getting tackled and listening to the up beats of papercuts i forgot to feed myself lastnight.
1 - 2 - 3


quote: sometimes, i'm a little ahead of the times.- cdw

Scanners- Salvation

i have shown a number of people (Scanners) trying to build up their tolerance.
Funny that i have a new track from their new album on my itunes today.

-your hands they burn like mine, i'll take you to my grave-


Tonight i sent an email in hope to get a reply from one of my best friends whom i haven't even spoken to in quite a while.. I merely told her how much i missed her and hoped she was doing well. i truly have thought about her everyday and missed our conversations and such. While sending the message i receive an IM from her.
(fate or what)
we shared a conversation through AIM & Phone. my night is complete. i'm so grateful & blessed. (god kissed my forehead tonight)
love you Daysha
I wish peace over you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hot & cold

after work today i went to chris and clint's.
chris just got in hew new lighting so he wanted to test it out.
after the picture was taken and after last nights episode of american idol was over, i almost broke my neck- compliments of clint english... now im lying in bed switching from heating pad to ice pack.... tomorrow possibly going to the hospital to get an xray to make sure im aligned..
my back and neck are the number one thing thats already fucked up on my body- this doesnt help one bit.



i want to start uploading one picture for each day with a post (if possible)
when i had my mac earlier i did this but i didn't ness. post a pic of myself everyday.
i'll start maybe tomorrow.
(i want to see how i change over the course of a year)
{and my style.}
e x c i t e d
happy mardi gras- tonight was great. . i ended up going out after work to watch meriwether play.
thank you jamie and sean for paying my 10 dollar cover charge and buying me drinks : )
i have great friends.

till next time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mardi gras

first things first - - - i now have my mac back.
thanks to mister jud norman for letting me borrow an extra charger.

i have to say - - - i have liked not having a computer on my lap every second of the day.

Happy Mardi Gras.
even though i work at 3 - 1o tonight... LAME
no partying for me, not when i have work tomorrow at 8am.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010


i'm not trying to neglect my blog.
but i'm still not being able to get a charger for my computer.

but on a good note:
no1. i start working again TOMORROW.

and all this week (off on Thursday)
i'm pretty excited.

no2. i started working out today- and drinking only water and alcohol. (ha)
also, im going to start eating more healthy. i'm really starting to hate the side effects of my birth control...

no3. if you haven't heard on my FB account, this weekend i dug up all of my old wallets, purses, and coin purses to gather $52.63!!!!! since im broke as hell these days this was GLORIOUS!
downtown was calling my name and i had the goods to have a glorious night.. i encourage all of you bloggers to DIG for some spare change and buy yourself a beer- goodluck!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

another day of nothing Sort'a

At Four O'clock:

Orientation at Marshalls.

there is so much i wish i could blog about right this second, but i cannot.

There isn't enough time, i'm not on my mac (because i still don't have a charger) therefore no pictures (well i will post pics but only the ones others post on FB because it's easy.) Did i mention i hate not blogging about my everyday occurrences. .

alright alright, i'm leaving now.. but wait

here is: Jon Green, Taylor Briggs, And Myself. (at AJ's after Taylors Mardi Gras Ball) That i didn't get to go to because i'm underage.... There's always next year.... To bad we aren't going to the SuperBowl NEXT year.... hahah