Wednesday, February 3, 2010

another day of nothing Sort'a

At Four O'clock:

Orientation at Marshalls.

there is so much i wish i could blog about right this second, but i cannot.

There isn't enough time, i'm not on my mac (because i still don't have a charger) therefore no pictures (well i will post pics but only the ones others post on FB because it's easy.) Did i mention i hate not blogging about my everyday occurrences. .

alright alright, i'm leaving now.. but wait

here is: Jon Green, Taylor Briggs, And Myself. (at AJ's after Taylors Mardi Gras Ball) That i didn't get to go to because i'm underage.... There's always next year.... To bad we aren't going to the SuperBowl NEXT year.... hahah

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