Friday, February 19, 2010

tear your insides out.

february 19, 2010
i worked i got paid.
it was slim.
i felt like an idiot.
but they called me Pocohontins.
(if the shoe fits.)

b r o w s e this site:
courtesy of Steven Krsyko

† † †
consider going on itunes and purchasing black rebel motorcycle club.
every album.
they play at sxsw this year. i wonder if i'm going again.
fingers crossed.
and BTW if anyone wants to purchase my bonnaroo ticket/armband now that would be HIGHLY amazing.
(meaning BUY ME ONE: just incase that sounded like i was selling one, cough alison johnson cough)
damn i wish i had one extra to sell..
thank you
i mean that's just me... but go ahead. i dare you.

† † †

miss daysha, feel better PLEASE
i need you to not be ill.
i know you can't really help it but it's bringing me down
get well
that is all.

oh she's going to kill me.

the more and more time passes i keep thinking about my name
(c o u r t n e y)
so childish- adorable of course and i love it,
but as time goes by Mrs/Miss/Ms Courtney sounds so...
i've been thinking and the thing is:
fact: my mother goes by Dawn -- downfall
fact: my mothers true name is Anita -- I love that.
anyway, it really can't be done without you.
it's not like im going to say my names Dawn when everyones still calling me Courtney.

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