Saturday, November 23, 2013

In my head.

There was a shift in the universe and suddenly everyone dropped to their knees. The cries of the living silenced out the noises of the city. Within an instant we started loosing our hair, the color of our skin, even the tone in our voices were gone. We were grey, weak, and lost. No sunlight kissed our skin with it's sweet warmth. The air was stale and with great stinch. We needed an answer we needed hope. What was it we were all longing for now? What was the cause of this strange happening? We crowded together, with linking of arms and necks. We just needed warmth, we needed to come together and form some sort of union. As weak as we all felt this was not out of our reach. Hand in hand we stood facing up to the heavens, we needed comfort. At that moment our hands started to sweat. Our color coming back to our faces. The sky was furious with energy and movement. Clouds growing in size and multitude. SUN. There was sun. As the heat rushed back to the Earth, we are surrounded by a diverse scene of hand in hand unity. It felt like hours we were hovering around the ground in a helpless dispair. 


I think I'm going to start putting my hair up in a ponytail... But why not pigtails?


Five mile and fresh juice in hand.