Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"my series of thoughts"001

i will spend days of my life waiting.

So maybe i grew up over the years
have we all been oblivious to this?

time is the one thing that continues
without having a nervous breakdown
i wish i were more like time.

in my mind there is right, and there is a way out.
(please let me be able to use this one day)

"my series of thoughts"001

a terrible little thought with a pinch of depression...

you know what this is?
it's CLAIMING something's wrong.
and it's our depression
that sickness alone will build up the highest mountain and collapse right there beneath my feet.
bring me to my lowest of lows and no one would ever guess
but it's true. . it will eat us up.
these negative T H O U G H T S that make us seem to think that we don't have it all
or we deserve more..
HELLO LOOOOOOK what we have!!!!
we have a lot
we willlllll
conquer this sickness
CLAIM THAT if you claim anything at all.

and that's what i have to say about that.


why's it been so long?
is it because i have become a clam?
or because i have a partner to share my little hopes and dreams with?
is it because i started Hair School.. and i switch over on the floor next week?


maybe because of all of the above.
although i'd hate to admit i have become a hermit.
But looks like that's the case.

and sooo my poor pitiful life goes on. JOKE
i'm well.
need to be medicated.
but im well.

BIGGER PICTURE && subject change....
advice: advice: advice

how is it that people want to ask me for advice.
HELLO did you not see my "need to be medicated" posting.
actually i wish i could take my own advice--- i wish i would be as calm
taking my own advice as when i was giving my own advice.
because i think i'm a pretty wise person (when i write)


to lace :]

NOSAJ THING "AQUARIUM" from Dugan O'Neal on Vimeo.