Tuesday, September 21, 2010

suck it

so many things can hurt you

so, so many things.

the "thing to do" is take "deep breaths" in and out.
people will tell you this.

IT doesn't make you feel any better and it doesn't really DO THE TRICK.

although you are in tears at times and you may feel in the lowest place ever
i say take a step back and think of what YOU have done or are doing and think HMMM... maybe i should suck it up.

this might not work for you but it did for me today
FUCK breathing correctly

i had to use the THOUGHT process.

this may all seem silly and not make sense,
but this is my blog and this is really only for me.
so suck it (literally)
those suckers look good enough to eat.

life is livable.

and if you don't think so, listen to some good ass music.
at least it will ease your mind, body, and soul.

The xx - Crystalised

Monday, September 20, 2010

take 2 (not necessary)

this boy lights up my life.
this girl is my bestfriend.

im extremely restless yet tired.
tomorrow WORK
and the next day and the next and next.....

someone send me money PLEASE im now taking donations.
help the courtney live without stress (from dept) fund.
:) cheese.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

bitchass twins.

i'm in love.

i'm off tomorrow.
and im not really THRILLED about it.
why would i want a wed. off??
i mean since there are soo many things to do on a wed.

i guess i'll try to do something productive like:
- clean my room
- pay my car note
- wash clothes
- wash my car
- fill up my car
- wax my eyebrows

but at least i thought about them... right?

in other news...
i was watching (spin crowd) and i just have to say the two bitchass "pr twins" are ugly nasty ass nose talking bimbos.
END. hahahaha
a little dramatic but just watch it and you'll agree (SWEAR)

i'm in love with this photographer.

Monday, September 6, 2010


and today i feel depressed.
and (tonight) i feel depressed.

i don't really know if it's Depression, as much as it is, sadness.
i've said it a billion times already (friends)
i miss friends.
sigh.. okay i know im not alone.
but i just need to stop being so socially ADD and just get out there again. hahaha
omg i sound desperate.
listening to metric and about to just drive to the corner get a pack of smokes and call it a night.
i need to do something.
i worked all day and once again tomorrow. WAHH make it stop.

g o o d n i g h t

nothing really to say soooo sorry.