Monday, April 20, 2009

A Sort of Heaven.

The days have been magic.
 the trees are settling in for the season that awaits. 
my eyes are set on the future and what it holds for me. 
I have love in my heart, peace in my soul, and youth in my body. 
My dream at this time is to live in a place where i am welcomed by the sun.
I want to sit in the grass and smile at where i am and what surrounds me. 
Some things aren't how they should be right now, but i'm ready for a new horizon, a new day, and a new world. Thinking about this give me chills, in the best way. 

[past life]
I want your heart
At the end of this chase
I want to put that smile on your face
I want to take you to a secret place
Where the love is. 

[current life]