Monday, February 22, 2010


a lot happened the night before last + last night...
a lot.

today: i come home to a gift from my mom on my bed...
it was none other than a wedding ring pillow holder in all white
is there some arranged wedding i should know about. haha

they are done.
new music on my ipod.. like 700+ songs.
black rebel motorcycle club has been added to my top 10.
today i bought two dresses
both over 50.00$ in the beginning
but in the end i bought them both for a whopping 7.43$ SCORE
i am so good at what i do.
the outfit can be worn together or apart. meaning i have 4 different outfits out of these two babies
ones a little witchy and the other is retro glam.
pictures.. tomorrow..promise

currently listing to Radiohead (paranoid Android) OK Computer.

Work tomorrow - - - 3-10 - - - good thing my mom mad taco rolls for dinner meaning.. badass lunch break tomorrow. although im not looking forward to unload a truck.. i hate tues & fri.

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