Monday, August 3, 2009

unnecessary purchases

it never fails.
i always seem to get sucked in to the buyers curse of purchasing something i do not need when i have no money. I don't even get paid for another two weeks. and my last pay check from my old job is wearing thin (if even there anymore, crosses fingers). good thing i kept a paycheck to the side..

don't forget to pay your credit card bill by the 10th. 

So i was just going to go with my cousin to the store to pick up some perceptions and go get gas, when we decided to drive into town to buy some new sheets for her.. That's when i needed to just say no-but i caved. and i decided to bring my purse inside. I found a kick ass pair of gaudy  black leather wedges with an overkill of buckles. i love them! they were in both tan & black but i couldn't resist the black (of course). Then i found a pair of round framed sunnies, beings that i broke mine last week.  
once again, i fail (at saving) but not at looking stylish...
M O O D :


  1. what happened to calling each other before you buy shit!!!!!


    you suck at saving money.

  2. this is true.
    & oops (i totally forgot)
    but i wore them tonight and they were soooo worth it.
    i love them.
    they go with everything, and the sunnies were a must i work outside i need to look cute for tips and i need protection from the UV rays duh.

    love you gabs.