Monday, August 3, 2009

F A C T S (that you don't know)

i live in La. (louisiana)
-and i hate it here-
Soon, i will be spreading my wings elsewhere:
Nashville, Tn to be exact.
-and i cannot wait-

this move has been postponed for the past month, and we are changing dates yet again.
i just got a new job that will help me make the money i need to do so.
and im not going to quit until i've saved up enough.

i will be moving with one of my closest friends:
he's lovely!
and a complete ASS at times.
but we are to one another and that's the best part of this friendship & move.
we better control this whole fucking around with one another thing though before someone's feelings get hurt, and they won't be mine. . .

and i haven't seen his ass in almost a week WTF
so this post is for him and to let everyone know what's going on.
so drew, here's to you:

(These pics were taken in Tn)
nashville misses us

we are both ready as fuck to get out of this bunk ass town.

note to readers:
he's going to kill me from posting these god awful pictures... hahaha

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