Monday, August 3, 2009

in my dreams.

I went to the  christian louboutin site today and spotted these babies.
[paola booty] - crepe satin and stripped lace with a 12 cm heel.

i want...

c a s u a l
c a s u a l

i honestly don't think i can pull this off
"curse my short frame"
but they are kick ass- check out the DM site for florals, again, BADASS.
photo courtesy of my friend peyton.

this bag = sex.
i adore it.

I've been looking for a nice black leather bag for sometime now.
my mom actually got a great deal about a month ago at an estate sale and got a brand new kenneth cole bag for 35$.
It was brand new and its amazing. im jealous and beg her to let me keep it every time i see her. 
but i know there is a nicer black leather bag with all the hardware somewhere out there waiting for me.

"to bad i am saving up my money for my move to Nashville.
because i would def. be investing in some threads."

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