Sunday, August 2, 2009

your eyes they hold the truth.



gareth pugh

(who isn't shown on this post)

these are a bit "much",
 but i adore them.
they aren't a designer label at all even.
which seems so strange to me.
they are just a 5 and a quarter inch heel, patent leather, buckle and lace up thigh high boot.
im obsessed.
i might only be 5'4 but i will reach my dream height of 5'9! (so exciting)
god in the future bless me with longer legs- PLEASE!

"finger" gloves.
a m a z i n g


i've been terribly sick the past five days. 
the heat is getting
 to me the cigarettes are getting to me the 
miles are getting to me.
(i must say i LOVE my new job-and the pay is great)
it keeps me busy too, i should have had a 9-5 job from the beginning. 
tonight i feel like death is consuming me. I almost didn't post a blog b
ecause of this horrid sickness.
i might even call in to work tomorrow morning if i dont start feeling better.
other than that i have been fashion blogging like CRAZY, anytime i get a
 free chance im looking at other posts and thoughts
. I love it. although i don't even know these people i feel like i do in some sense.
its lovely.
i'll keep saving images onto my macbookpro and digging throughblogs a
nd maybe i'll start showing you what & how i feel through here. i think im
 getting better at knowing how to use this. (obviously)
caption: breathing...
this picture-- i'd have to say i'm thinking about someone right this moment,
and just about every other moment before and after that.
making me a creep right??
to bad i dont even care.
my feelings are shaken up every time i think about him,
i miss him
i want to touch him
feel his lips on mine
feel the heat of that persons body on mine
looking into their eyes
being silent and not needing words.

night xo.


  1. Those finger gloves are amazing! (Although, I'd imagine a tad impractical...)

  2. on my hand combined i wear nine rings.
    i would so swap to finger gloves at least 2 days out of the week.