Thursday, January 21, 2010

p i n k b o o k s

THIS is the D E C L I N E D purchase...
this is what made me realize-IM FUCKED.
so i bought it with my debit card- thinking this has got to be a sign.
i must read this book and realize agony..
or something..
some kind of emotion.
[another book by James Frey that i have heard great reviews from:
A Million Little Pieces]
i have yet to read it but i feel like purchasing it
so that i can read it FIRST.
anywho- why must i be attracted to Pink books???

my first read this week was:
this was a day and night read for me.
perfect for girls- who need a pinch of designer brand, creativity, & feel better[ness] haha.
i was sick and achey and this little number made me giggle.

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