Thursday, January 21, 2010


my new hobby: reading
common side effect: drowsiness

sick with broncidious- or however the hell you spell it.
something is always lurking on me.

so i have been reading!
this week (in one day) i read the book Freak Show by James St. James
absolutely fell in love
first time. and it wasn't even one of those books, it was just a cute book that i was entertained with- plus they used names like Chanel, Mui Mui...
how could i not fall in love with it?

i bought another book today- when my card D E C L I N E D (at books a million) never thought i'd be in there much less get declined there. for a 3 dollar book--- F M L
so back to the debit card NO back to the first job i ever had HOLLISTER AHHHHHHH NO NO NO NO
but i am going to do it. i need money but im still going to look for a GOOD job.

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