Thursday, October 1, 2009


today & yesterday were a bust-
i spend money getting my brows done, and i end up walking out in tears because i know for the next month ill have to pencil in parts of my right eye.

i wake up this morning and look in the mirror because my forehead is aching. 
come to find out i must have been allergic to the wax or chemicals she used afterwards, because my forehead was covered in red ichy spots. (s i g h)

the remainder of my day consisted of me packing (playing dress up) for my journey to Nashville tonight.
i look at my packing job to notice i packed nothing but black. 
not an inch of any other color.
and at least 7 pairs of heels & wedges.

i hope to have an amazing time (i need it, to much stress for a little lady)
Oh and also- get employed.



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