Thursday, October 1, 2009

less is more.

So, lately i have been trying new ways to make my spring & summer pieces wearable for the fall & winter seasons.With me being completely obsessed with tights, leggings, hosiery, thigh highs, and translucent material it's hard to find these articles thick enough to not show your undercarriage.
How do you wear a t-shirt as a dress and not be able to see your ass?
sometimes i find this easy and other times i find myself looking like a prostitute.
i really want to be ready for the colder weather ahead of me in Tenn. but im 
really needing to invest in a good pair of jeans & tights i presume.

other than that-
im still finding new ways to wear my black:

top: second hand
cover up: vintage cdw original
belts 1, 2 & 3: second hand
jeans: Levis
necklace: keychain into d.i.y necklace.
shoes: bijou 

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