Sunday, August 23, 2009

last nighhhtt

drew loved his gifts.
we had a good birthday night.
i was drunk.
i got a hangover.
i still have a hangover.
i told "him" how i feel.
he liked that i was open.
im going to keep my feelings out in the open.
i miss him dearly.
he is moving TOMORROW.
i really like him.

lastnight was wild.
drew LOVED his gifts thank god & his bday night was a hit.
never again am i getting a drink at a restaurant i'll live with water...
i always do but this ONE f'n time i try to have an i'll buy a drink night and i get fucked.

so i drank a little bit too much. and when i say a little i mean A LOT.
i STILL have a hangover.. but i don't regret it. 
the 3 hours i got to sleep before my 8 hour shift in the heat for work was worth it.

other then that, i told boy how i felt.
and i still will keep telling him. did i mention he leaves TOMORROW for ny.
s i g h- there isn't much i can say but that i hope everything goes well and he better be
with me when i move to tn - i don't even want to think about that.
btw- i really miss him. 
and im pretty sure i kept yelling out that i was horny last night to liz and sarah...
exact words: (me clinching onto my phone awaiting a text from boy and yelling you know what, im horny yes horny and it doesn't even matter because im miles and miles away from my boo. drew we need to hurry and move to nashville this sucks- suck it up booboo) haha i swear i was so ridiculous. 


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