Friday, August 28, 2009

i'm not here to please you.

- just got told i look like a witch and it isn't attractive.

(this isn't the first time, i have gotten told i look like im either fucking someone or satan's best friend, also that i look like a whore, or a gypsy (which i think is a compliment) or i get told im of the dark side...)
these things you say mean nothing to me but i would love it if you kept it to yourself.

like i said im not here to please anyone.
im me for myself.
and i like what and who i am.

i probably won't take your advice (friend or foe) 
simply because i "probably" have no respect for you.
this doesn't count for all of you, but many.

im one.
im no ones.
and im not yours to critique for damn sure.
im comfortable in my skin.
and i think that is what matters most.

aren't i right???
correct me if im wrong (please)

1 comment:

  1. hey.
    i was in your color design class, the asian chick, ha. i apologize that i was one of the "creepers", keeping up with your blog. didn't think i'd get caught. damn the breadcrumbs. but i have to say that you, along with my big sister, inspired me to create my own blog. I enjoy reading your words and your pictures are fantastic. And if you want to know, you rock with your uniqueness.

    okay, pretty sure I just sounded like a crazy freak (I'm not, I swear)....oh well, that's what i think and you should know about it:)