Friday, August 28, 2009

the feeling (or knowing):
coming to the conclusion that we are not a single being/soul.
i am, yes, one person living breathing feeling, but what if there is another "being" sharing my same soul, no matter the sex. But a living person looks that are not shared with yours but a purpose and a soul and spirit that are.
i say to someone that i do indeed have dejavu all of the time. but dejavu is what really.. is it the feeling we have been somewhere or seen something in the past that is happening in the present, or is it in fact a place or an occurrence that has happened to our other half (being/soul/spirit) already. i don't ness. mean in another life- but im not against that either- im simply meaning NOW in let's say- michigan, is there a soul roaming that i can relate to because i share the soul of that being. WHO ARE WE? WHAT ARE WE? WHERE ARE WE?

gosh my mind is racing right now.
im just going to continue to wonder or "wander" (ha)

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  1. I call it harmonic resonance. Words aren't enough to describe the sensation because it limits and devalues the experience. It's something you feel entirely in your soul. One event triggers another within this universe... and time brings it back to complete it's cycle. That's when something feels just right.