Wednesday, July 8, 2009

that's the way of the world.

tonight i was thinking about decor and furniture.
(for a future apt_s o o n)
i stumbled over a website a few years back called: etsy
it is a lovely site filled with handmade art, clothes, vintage, furniture, EVERYTHING.
and as i was looking at fixtures i found these amazing, very odd looking lights.
the effect they portray on walls is perfect.
they are over my price range for now- so i will either learn how to make them, or i will save up.
-but a project sounds much more amusing.

other than that- my cousin and i watched Garden party. I suppose the movie was enjoyable--but the band in the movie sucked and i couldn't hold back my laughter. eep.
i did however hear one of my favorites (Ane Brun) in the back ground of a lesbian bar scene, so now im interested in finding the soundtrack.

it's one oh' seven now..
time for rest.

currently listening to: Earth, Wind, & Fire.

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