Monday, July 6, 2009

My Rain Really Pours.

so i really have to say it's all just so romantic..

in the depths of my sadness there's a beautiful madness.
when it rains it pours-at least more than yours.

you just don't believe.

for some reason today, i have felt the need to keep quite.
to- - to let my mind wander.
to feel the rain 
to breath the sweet air
to free my day of the "normal".

there are so many things i want.
there are so many things i need.
there also are many things that i cherish.

people and friends i feel i need most- B U T
im not taking part in them (at the moment)
honestly i could care less about some of my "friends" relationship.
-others, i couldn't live without!

this is how i feel...  -i cannot help it.

i want a C O N S T A N T
im not getting that.
im getting a hello and a goodbye

i love with my whole heart.
i care with all my might.
and i do these things fast.
without using my head.
and to me i think that is beautiful,
but to walk over me and to disregard my emotions and feelings...
that is something to think twice about.
im fragile.

but this is just life
and it's livable.

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