Thursday, July 30, 2009

strange steps

i can talk to you for one minute and forty-seven seconds
 and my whole day can change & get brighter.

i think you don't realize that.
i'm trying to help you see.

. R E A L I Z E . R E A L I Z E . R E A L I Z E .

oh hamburglar how i miss you.

when i was five years old i used to see people
and children-- and -- the hamburglar!
no lie.

i would talk to them.
and my mother would be frightened,  
and tell me to stop and that there was no one there,
but i saw them and i heard them.
they were real.

n i g h t


  1. me too, just not the hamburgler.

    until I get the car, ta-ta for now my little schizophrenic girl.

  2. we were separated at birth.
    i swear by it.

    miss you toots.
    and dont ta ta for now me.