Thursday, July 30, 2009

shut up and listen.

all i have done this afternoon after work:
-look at fashion blogs (rockabilly-classy-vintage)
-listen to swing music from the 20's-40's
-learn how to create a rockabilly hair style (which i have in the bag!!)
-realize that i do in fact want short hair i have pics.
-and realize that the lady who told me i looked like a younger elizabeth taylor was in fact right.
(s t r a n g e)


n a t u r a l
im thinking short and chic.
-but when i go out or get all fancy i'd like it rather large and 40's styled.
straight and sleek on the usual. 
(o p i n i o n ?)  

someone told me i looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor.. 

1 comment:

  1. yes u do and i love u.

    I think u can rock the short, chic do DEFINITELY.

    But who is Courtney without the long hair? :(

    Either way you are always beautiful