Friday, December 9, 2011

for the laziness.

in theory.

this isn't happiness.™


currently i have been on the lookout for a new job/house to clean/ass to kiss.
NE XT_ also.. W E A R E M O V I N G!! too a new house of course. (casey and myself)
i'm not the one to be so open... wait yes i am__ but times are ruff! indeed.
money consumes me and everyone else on this godforsaken place.
i am trying to keep my spirits high, but i stumble, and lose myself in the dark.
BUT FOR ONCE__ i have people in my life(aka: F R I E N D S) that know just how to
cheer me up, or at least, make me feel like i have a future, and that this won't be
torture for me much longer.... i hope this is true.

enjoy the pictures, create something inside you, let it grow, and produce art for others.

Insipid & Inspirational - Photo

Black and WTF

W E L L ※ F E D

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