Wednesday, March 16, 2011


note to self #315.
please try not to worry about other people so much that you forget about how you feel.
i had to really stop for a minute today and realize that i don't listen 100% ha
sounds funny when i think it out loud but it's true.

in the sense that sometimes i might make someone feel a way about me and not mean to. so i tell them no that's not how i meant it and basically "you feel wrong"... now no one likes to hear that... how would i know how someone felt.. Right...

well i don't all the time. and today i tried to be selfless so that i could hear someone else out.
instead of not facing their emotions towards me.

seems to me like this is the best way to handle any situation.. How did it take so long to get this.
sometimes you have to try and relate to the other person, and just say you're sorry and understand their point of view.
be humble and let your fences down.
take a few deep breaths and meditate if you have to.

i promise it's been doing me wonders in my world.

to sum this all up i'll go about it like this:
when someone you care about is willing to communicate with you on how they feel about something, esp. if it's something about you. open up your ears and listen, take it all in and consider the situation. a lot of the times things can be easiest solved if it's all out on the table. don't forget your manners, you were raised in the south .

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