Tuesday, April 27, 2010

okay i guess i's posting to vent.
i guess i don't need any pity or words of any kind.

not that im a bitch,
i guess people that know me :KNOW: that's how i get through it.
im strong but at first glance i am weak.

it's not so easy when you feel like you're all alone
i know that there are people here i care greatly for
they consume my heart and soul with a peace and happiness.

this will all go away- i will push through this once again.
but where will i go from here.
maybe i will journey the good and bad the troubled and strong (in my mind at least)
i will wear a new ring on a new finger.
one that costs me my life. NO i won't go that far.
but it sure makes it special.

okay okay okay
i'll end here.

lady dawn

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