Tuesday, March 16, 2010

white palms

i've been silent.
pictures are my way of conversation at the moment.
i'm busy with work, with life, with the season change.
happy i have made a new amazing set of friends and loving what it feels like to really live to know lake charles.
weird i say this I KNOW.
and trust me this little lady won't be here forever, but i guess i always neglected the hidden beauty that is lake charles.

yesterday was P E R F E C T
me and 30 other people hanging out on the beach all day till the night.
playing volleyball and all.
listening to BRMC (which im going to see saturday in houston at the house of blues)
drinking a few beers and just talking about life.
i didn't get back to my house till 9:10 am
and i'm just getting off of work 9 hours.. fml
cannot wait to go to bed tonight!

so i heard- st patties day tomorrow (dont forget to wear your green)

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