Saturday, March 27, 2010

the picture show

me and rachael made it to baton rouge
today: i wore my jumpsuit.
tonight: i wear a mask to hide my drunkenness.
i don't think i'm ready to party with miss leonela yet haha (once again)
houston could barely handle us think about BR.

an aspiring director from los angeles last week told me to work on head shots...
need i say anything else???

and finally the amazing, beautiful, full of life GABBY.
we had an ichat session where all we did was send pictures back and forth..
(as always)
i miss her soo much,
she's on her way out to a party- wish her luck
AND gabby, please don't smoke a pack again....
you're throat will hate you for life.. or at least the weekend.

i'm ready to make some memories.

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