Tuesday, March 9, 2010

21 21 21 21

my 21st birthday was saturday.
MARCH 6TH 2010

1. date - Fancy dress+Fancy Dinner+Fancy flowers+Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tickets+Premier of Alice in Wonderland=21 bday date perfection
2. Lunch date with Kelli @ Nina P's and vintage shopping!
3. lunch date with trevor at hibachi!!!
4. Rach,Tay,Me trip to texas for sxse on friday= MIDNIGHT bday SHOTS!
5. Rachael got me a Red dress for my bday and crown and wand AND threw me a surprise bday party with all of our friends and a bon fire and lights galore and party mixes and wine THEN casino!!!
6. taylor and i go to texas AGAIN for sxse DANCE DANCE DANCE good music good times
pictures soon hopefully.

best week ever.
thanks to EVERYONE!!!!

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