Sunday, January 3, 2010

it's all so magical

fairy tale space- look at all the detail.
even the walls have a pattern, not to mention the couches and rug, pillows, fireplace, curtain shaft.. EVERYTHING. jealous.
the lighting and porch swing are perfect.
notice the two precious little puppies on the bed.
i'll take them both!!
Mmm simple table and chairs.
love the curtain (busy yet simple)
the platform is super cute and props on that vintage loveseat.
(i need a simple table and chairs for my dining room)
i wonder if i can get my hands on any busy wallpaper...
btw- the colors used here remind me of my old room back at home.
i miss it.
you can do amazing things with teal and red. so luxurious.
i've been looking for this assortment of bedding forever now.
this is a perfect combination.
i think/hope i can come really close to this.
i have a white wash vision in my head for my room
this is very close ( a little too busy than what i had in mind though )
i do love the color scheme.
this is a little more of what i have in mind.
full mirror-whites-a little here and there.
but in all reality my house will be filled with color and vintage & furniture..
i would have to buy new everything if i wanted a house like anything in the above or below categories (but it's nice to dream RIGHT?)
this is literally the vision i had for my bathroom
(it's larger than mine is of course and unfortunately i will not have a lions claw tub)
but i'm going to try to get to this level if not in this house then my next one.
nice mix up
i might take this one in completely
it looks very close to my old dorm room. hah oh college.

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