Friday, January 1, 2010

†errible †ruth †hat i ¬ong for.

i'm really sick of this pity party bullshit.
i'm getting a job.
i'm going to have money eventually.
and i'm going to get through this without being the needy bitch.
can i get an amen?

i swear, you go from having a great night
welcomed with a lovely morning to a phone call to your mom
to wish her a happy new year and then a bitching ending.
my day WILL NOT turn sour.
can someone please just snap me to reality for 5 seconds
because obviously i'm a dreamer.

N E W S _ N E W S _ N E W S
I just got the most interesting longly awaited for email of this PAST year.
FINALLY answers (in 2010) FINALLY
i cannot wait to reply and receive messages
b e t r a y a l
k a r m a
p e a c e

i laughed when i read you little message
we are not blind
we have a knowing
and we play games
we work for something that will never work
and we stop when we feel a fairy tale
the truth of the matter is i can smell a liar, and i love to keep the story interesting.
aaahhh to feel free.

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