Sunday, January 3, 2010

d r e a m e r

i have no doubt in my mind that
this is what my living room/bedroom will end up looking like.
just shit tossed about the walls and table tops.
neat hopefully.
maybe this too.
pops of color but still mainly white.
i'm into it...
but im used to deep dark colors. and jewel tones..
i love the warm homey feel of this.
cozy, clean, rough, rustic.
yet a little but of lux.
no head board?
no problem!
in love.
the reading chair, the library, the assortment of colors.
yet i might loose the wheat lighting fixtures.
i thought about doing this for a kitchen once.
then this week i went looking for pots and pans.
never ever would i buy a "cute" pot or pan.
they are cheap as shit.
one bedroom+wall=2 bedroom.
nice setup.
once again im in love with libraries.
pillow gypsy.
that's exactly what i am.
i want a room dedicated to pillows and reading.
open the door and it's just a mass amount of pillows and the walls are a library.
one word: Gimme!
paper lanter: CHECK.
got them already.
still needing that simple table and chairs though..
if you are as obsessed with vintage/busy wallpaper as i am you'll love this.
diy project.. now to find the bookshelf.
i'm totally doing this.
no headboard part 2:
this one i like, but at the same time, wouldn't your pillows get stuck
i wouldn't like the disappearing pillow trick at 1 am..
no sir

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