Friday, March 27, 2009

the one thing that still gets me.

dear i think about us often...
i yearn for a connection...

i have been thinking lately of all the things that used to be in my life. not the normal bullshit but the things and people who really meant a lot to me. most of those people are no longer around, some moved to a better place, others let drugs and abuse take over their lives, and the few others are either married or with children and have no time to bother. then there are those people who keep in close contact, but you rarely see. or the ones you wish were laying by your side this very second... i want that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


to be this tall:

so it's 8:55 am. im in my design class with an empty stomach, talking about being naked. and secretly wishing i was naked right this second. who knows what my intentions would be.

today i have school from 8-5 but i think im going to skip a class, i want an adventure. i want to be free, & i want to NOT be in school. also i have decided not to eat after 7pm anymore. i want to get my act together, & to become more healthy and im willing to drop a few lbs for the sake of summer 09'. im going to start excercising my little ass off.

wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i lost my meaning.

i have to be here for something "lovely". 
i need to be around the positive, for i myself have been quite negative for a little while now. 
i can't let this happen. i lost my reflection in an empty soul, and im trying to find it. 
soon the day will come when i feel my best again. 
as of now im living my life and having a pretty great time doing so. 
the future is full of sunlight and southern winds..

i listen to the sounds of my heart
i listen to the words of my friends.
i listen to the beats in the tunes.
i listen to the sound of the wind.