Tuesday, November 3, 2009

in the dark there is light

i've been having some hard times lately
i know everyone does
so i know mine are easily fixable

But i do know now that some people are totally a disappointment
it doesn't matter if you think highly of someone or not
they might not see you the same

People are ready to walk all over you
and bring you down roads you never thought you would venture off to
it's not always easy to see it until you are already there

I'm sorry for all of the others that will deal with this one day
i truly know how much it sucks
we'll get through it
life is livable


i have high hopes,
i'm not saying "all" people are bad.
no, there is good in everyone
i think people are beautiful and life is a challenge 
and that's the fun in it all

i'm just stating that people get hurt
and you have to understand that
and not let it consume you,
learn from everything you go through

your road will take curves
and you may trip and stumble
but know that you will smile again.

(i promise)

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