Sunday, November 1, 2009

t i m e s

My thoughts consume me...

i've made up 
my mind on a few things.

Right now i'm living, breathing, learning,
... all of the above.
and tomorrow (hopefully) i will be as well.
i'm going to live my life here and now.
i'm going to love with my whole heart always, and never loose that quality.
Too many people forget what and who they are, i don't want to me in that category.
I'm going to need to realiz
e a few things (of course)
And i'm going to have 
to be productive.
This i know.
This is the hardest part.
This is what will help
 me succeed.

I'll understand soon enough.

You'll understand soon enough.

If i'm being a tad quiet and out of the picture for a while.
Don't mind me, I get in
 a state of solitude every so
I'll be alright, i'm just gathering myself.
Everyone needs to sometimes.

i really want things to get 
this is me trying.

xo- courtneydawnwilks

(spit) filthy bastard...

(walks away with a smile)

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