Saturday, November 14, 2009


i have been cut out from blogging for a hot second but im no where close to being done.
the past few days have been so absolutely productive and C R A Z Y .
i got let go from my job- my last day is the 23rd.
i got asked to work in retail at the same resort/casino. (thinking about it)
i get asked to become an assistant manager at my old job (wet seal) i turned in an application and then who knows.
this month i am moving into a house in lake charles!!
to top this all off and blow everyone out of the water:
I B O U G H T A C A R 
yes yes yes
i get it MONDAY!
granted i have to sign papers for my small minute loan monday, and sign my papers for insurance, and then hand it over and drive away monday after work.
i have been waiting for two years -- meaning no car since 2007 (it's almost 2010) i am sooo happy.
as much as i don't want to admit it- my life is coming together.
for me.
no one else this time this is my time.
i am wanting to move yes everyone knows this, but time is valuable especially since i am trying to pay off everything and get on my feet and save before anything crazy (like moving) happens.
and things are coming together for me finally.
its been so long.

i am content (and broke of course) ha but, i'll figure it out.
tis better to be positive than negative.

i miss so many people and i have no idea what i will be doing in a year much less in a month.
so many changes have been made.

im crossing my fingers about the job offer. BUT i might not get either.
soooo wish me luck in the job department if you read this

L O V E courtneydawn.

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