Sunday, October 18, 2009

things are in fact crashing around me and getting better all at once.

On one note i now have 4500 saved to get a car. (more than i have had without taking out a loan) 
on the other hand, i find out Drew has to start work in Tn in a week and i have no idea what that holds for my future. I do have my main priority coming together (getting a car) but then there comes more priorities: getting a tax & title$, car insurance$, and gas$. 
after that, i have to make sure i have enough to jet to Tn and start a life, complete with job and bills. 
This is happening, i just want it to be okay after the car situation. 
money money money.
that's the grim reaper of life i have figured out.

praying that i can make it.
praying they don't give up on me.

wishful thinking

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