Saturday, October 3, 2009

night night night time


Last Night got a little out of control,
and that was before we even left the house

Now Daysha and I are getting ready to make my resume
to bring to Posh, and a few other retail stores.

i hope everything turns out alright.
the day should be amazing.
lots of great plans ahead.

btw: we didn't get one picture from last night..

we went to the icon to visit stephen, jason, skip, brian, ben, and justin.
met a lot of lovely souls and shared
wine-cigarettes-hooka-and my ipod (including others) playing  kick ass playlists
it made my night.
not to mention the "human pile"
i guess there will be even more to do tonight
camera battery is charging.
ahhh the weather here is splendid.
crisp chill and fresh air.

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