Wednesday, September 2, 2009


lately i have been really into florals, studs, spikes, silver, black, leather, lace, platforms, frills, edge....
basically a plethora of EVERYTHING girly and badass.
here is a bit of what i have gathered. (to help you picture what im talking about)
and the prices are ridiculously amazing.
enjoy bb. 

leather strand neckwear 30$

premium panelled jacket 65$

trophy stud blouse 50$

two toned mongolian gilet 90$

rosie posie bralet 20$ & rosie posie mini 6$ [love this set]

red rose printes hotpant 28$ 

premium check and lace mini 6$

leather mix biker jacket 125$

pink rose high waisted hotpant 28$ 

floral sequin hotpants 25$ 

faux fur gilet 60$ 

chiffon bandeau bra 14$

blossom frayed hotpants 28$

strictly multi buckle shoe 65$

cosmic shoulder dress 38$

mesh bosycon high neck dress 35$

kiss studded low shoe 55$

square pushlock holdall bag 35$

spike gold studded platform 75$

piking hiker peep toe sandal 65$

depeche mode by tee and cake 25$ [***]

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