Saturday, September 19, 2009

blush wine

Dear diary,

Tonight, I'm alone-
Wanting to sip on some blush wine and watch the food network or some old Molly Ringwald movie, assemble my two side end coffee tables, and possibly sit on the porch swing with a cigarette between my pointer and middle finger [in my right hand] and just think about life and listen to sweet sweet music.

 - - - those things are: w o n d e r f u l, in my mind- - -

If only i were to have another soul to share this with (in a physical state, as well as in conversation and mentally) SOON i will.
I do not think i ask for much these days, or ever really... I might mention the things that i want in this world for kicks if anything, in my mind i know i won't really ever get them, but knowing that i can say it out loud and not lose anything, is lovely no matter.
and i dream.. my outlook is rather positive (on good days)
just keep a smile on. 
and come help me put this table together of  course!
it's getting on my last nerve haha.


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