Wednesday, August 19, 2009

talking to a perfect stranger about you.

a conversation i think should be posted....

[previous conversation]

exciting. . .

for him or you?


im excited and proud of him

but thats a bummer for me 

who knows what we will be.

we will figure it out.

sorry to hear that

if he sees what i see, he'll find a way to make it work

he's doing what he loves . 

all in all i know im the girl but for what its worth (to anyone) i just want him happy.

id love to be his lover. but i like to watch people i love pursue what they love.

you know. its a little sour at first but in all, i like to see it happen, and if im not apart of it well... i dont want to think about that actually..

that's what love is

it's only in synchronization that 2 can both be in love


but you're def. doing the right thing.

my feelings.

on distance

 & love life.

i do wish he could jump in my mind and see what i see.

and know what i want.

he's told me he knows what i worry about, but not what i want.

well i want him.

but not just for him i want an "us" a plural saying but a singular meaning.

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  1. "...i want an 'us' a plural saying but a singular meaning."

    i adore this bit of sentence. :)