Wednesday, August 26, 2009

open eyes

i tip toe right behind her and i wrap my hands around her eyes and say "guess who?"

i can feel her smile without seeing it

we just sunk back into what is us

you know that feeling you get


but not nervousness

that's what i felt

seeing her again

while i'm having this moment, i couldn't help but root for yours

i know it's strange

but i did think that


it's like the universe is reaffirming the fact that we're together

we talk about our personal journeys through life... how much better we are today

and how things are slowly moving into place for both of us

before we started off just like that (passionate)... and then things got trickly (demands, desires, etc.)...

we laughed at how, these little things, natural things, are more important to us now

it felt like i was flowing in the water with her

not forcing anything

i'm just letting it happen

it felt surreal

because, she finally gets me like that

i recall one moment in the night

where she glances up

and says... i love you completely for who you are

and i wouldn't change one thing

my heart couldn't help but weep in joy

those words are the only words i would ever need from her

long distance

it seems like the hardest thing but it can be the one thing that binds people together.
a dear friend of mine has shown me even more to what this meaning is.
- think about it - 
i wouldn't change a thing thus far. 
sure i want to be there (where you are) anyone would want to be where there heart desires, 
but that would be forcing the universe to work in your honor. . 
let things happen. 
im not going to be able to just hop on a plane and see the world or see the one person i wish i could right now.
but soon ill be moving, things will either work out or they won't. 
but no matter what happens all things happen for a reason.

i am starting to feel absolutely unprepared lately. 
i just need that support for comfort and what not.
i need you to tell me how you feel.
i need to tell myself how i feel. 

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