Wednesday, August 19, 2009

instant replies

long distance:
can be hard (of course) but it can be conquered.
i guess what im trying to say is that if you can be patient, true, and honest, you're golden.
i don't think people realize that long distance is different than your average "see you tomorrow" relationship... a phone call or a text or even an email IS your means of seeing, touching, and talking (for the time being).. 
When i get a text saying "hii" it pretty much brightens up my whole day.. keep that in mind.
and when i get conversation after 
that it's what
i want and need. 
the littlest things mean so much more to me these days. I don't need a drawn out sit down with you to be happy, just to realize you are there is so much more.

i can't wait to be with 
him agian.

if you like something keep it.

i smiled a lot after 5:04

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  1. I've only recently stumbled on your blog and I have to say, you made me an instant fan.

    Coming from someone that had to endure the trecherous journey of a long distance relationship, I know personally how difficult it is. I've been asked countless times by countelss people whether I would change things if I had the chance. Before I wouldn't hesistate to say that I'd rather have the normal everyday peach pie close to me relationship as it would have made things easier. Today, however my answer is different. My time spent away from this special person truly allowed to see not only a different side of her, but it only allowed me to see a different side of me. Life's ironies. The bitter and the sweet. Throughout this ordeal, I was given a glimpse of the different shades of our relationship. Good and bad. One thing that it taught me was that I truly appreciated those "little things." Slowly, your demands for perfection and expectations wither down to the core essential, and that's what your soul really needs.

    Best of luck on your journey.