Sunday, August 9, 2009

highs & lows

i'm pretty sure i feel nervous in the pit of my stomach "d a i l y"
i think it's because of a certain someone. 
not knowing if i'm going to hear from them that day or when if i am..
haha. i feel anxious all the time.
keeps me on my toes.

tonight i took a hot bath 
listening to the song i had posted 
by Dolores and Angelo- The Butterfly, on repeat.

constantly longing for your touch...
mood: having a strong sexual appetite [sigh]
me and my little cousin Kelsee made cupcakes
 for my co-workers birthday.

I'm waiting for a phone call while i lie in bed,
but who knows if i'll get one.

posted later: 
"i never did get that call"


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