Saturday, July 11, 2009

the ten was a ten.

i was told yesterday that Diane Birch and I share the same style and face. 
she's a gem.


Today was lovely.
i woke up, went thrifting with a girl friend of mine (Rachel) & we both got a trash bag full of goodies.
I only paid 10 dollars and 90 cents for mine, and i got over 10 items!

After thrifting we went out to eat  at one of my favorite restaurants "Casa Manana"  
Then it was time for work.
Work was nice, i put in my two weeks (im scared of what's to come) but i had a great night at the store, much laughter was made between me and lauren. 
After that i changed in the parking lot of our mall and me and Rachel went on our way to Toucans where we watched our friends play a show and
i was blessed with a 21 and up band.
the night was perfect-although i was missing him the whole time in my mind. 
i hope he knows it.

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  1. I giggled so much when I discovered your blog...I think I'm going to cry. She likes the Sunday's, one of my favorite bands. At every turn there is more to you and I cant get enough of your creative soul. Big J