Thursday, July 23, 2009


O V E R S E X E D 
L E W D 
N A U G H T Y 
H O R N Y  

I V E 
N E V E R 
B E E N 
T H I S 
G I R L . . . 

[so what does that mean i am "right now"?]

but really, 
this is what goes on..
this is truth.
truth i know i have spoken before, 
but truth that maybe someone hasn't understood yet.
therefore i'll speak it again.

im still falling for this boy.
well, this boy is more like a man.
a young man, who holds a piece of my heart.
& i wonder if he knows it?

i wonder, for a second, if he has a clue.
and for moments i thought i didn't know what i wanted.
but i do.

sometimes i get worried, and sometimes i go plumb mad
but i have never cried over not having someone near me
and i do with him. 
never before have i cried because i truly miss someone.

and that someone hasn't even been around enough
and even before we had ever met i cried for him
not for pity 
but for an emotion to show
one that im blinded to.

once in a while, i cry.

1 comment:

  1. If he can't see it, then he is blind my dear.

    you can't help your feelings and they may take a while to get used to, but in the end you will do what is best for you. Regardless if he is involved or not.

    You can only wait for so long...