Monday, July 13, 2009

secret #398- you disgust me.

did i mention i fucking can't stand you.

there obviously ARE in fact people 
i could live life without have ever knowing.
it sickens me to think this way and to feel this way 
about another human being, but it's how i feel. 
and i don't hold back how i feel.

should i ask for forgiveness for this emotion??
ill let you decide.

this is so appealing to me.

i want this.

Today was a lovely day.

(although it is day 91374 of not having work.)
 im honestly going to be so broke and not be able 
to gather my things for my move in august if this continues.
 Amy comes home tomorrow .. 
so i will talk to her about the other job lined up for me at the casino 
(wish me luck)

other than that,
 today i watched a marathon of the "Golden Girls"
and drove home to clean about the house and organize.
then i took a few snap shots of a vintage dress
i have been meaning to wear.
I lit a few candles and my day was a pretty nice one. 
I was so worn out that i had to take a cat nap 
and now i really would like a cig and a cupcake.

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