Tuesday, May 31, 2011

suki suki

just got home.. okay make that just got to my mothers house.. lately i have been living out of my car surfing from one couch to the next. loving every minute of chill time with my friends, loving every second of my days, except the fact that i don't have a place to call my home.
when will i ever fill like i fit in.. (and i don't mean fit in.. i mean fit into myself.)
if that makes any sense.

so now that i just got home... im leaving.. going back to the place i was before..
hopefully i just wake up tomorrow for work in the am.


you lose somethings and then you gain somethings, and then you lose the somethings you just gained over the first person you lost....
i just don't get relationships/friendships/and any other ships that you know about.

but i sure am wanting to drive back downtown and put on my roller skates...
and listen to groovy music in the car.

Friday, May 27, 2011

i need air

Electrify my body
And you’re makin’ me feel
Like I’m so electric
Everything you do is makin’ me
Blow Blow Blow

Don’t know what to do about it
Can’t see how I’d live without it
All I wanna do is just
Know Know Know

You suffocate my mind
And now my atmosphere is crowded
And you being here is makin’ me
Blow Blow Blow

You penetrate my space
And now I’m looking out of place
And you’re makin’ it hard for me
I need air!

(holy shit... my mind has been read.)
let us all be free and live tonight